Scale Job Interviews With Ease

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As a consulting company with years of experience in employee development and organizational training, we have been involved in many job interviews both within and outside our organization. During interviews, one thing that keeps occurring is this: many young people lack the necessary skills to scale through interviews.

Recently, while sitting on an interview panel for a client, our consultant noticed that most of the people who attended the interview lacked the powers of expression. They couldn’t fully express themselves to the interviewers. Their ability to communicate effectively was limited. And as a result, they didn’t move to the next stage of the interview.

The ability to communicate effectively is one of the skills interviewers look out for in candidates. They also look out for carriage and charisma in candidates. How you walk into an interview room determines whether you will be considered for the job or not. Your presence is a major opener. But many people lack these skills.

Scale job interviews with ease have been designed to give you the skills necessary to crush any job interview. In this training, participants will be guided through the interview process and given the skills most interviewers look out for.

As a consulting company with many years of experience in the interview process, you will get first-hand information about how to look, walk and talk when you are invited for an interview.

This session promises to be revealing.

No matter how intelligent you are, if you lack the main pointers that interviewers are looking for, chances are that you will be relegated to the background and those who know better than you will be chosen. 

What you will learn in this training.

  1. Preparing for interviews
  2. Six Cs of successful interviews
  3. How to negotiate during an interview process
  4. How to leave a good impression on the interviewers
  5. Exiting the interview room

This training is for those who want to scale their next job interviews.

Fee is N10,500

The date is Friday, 12th, August 2022

Payment Details:

Account Number: 1016167121

Account Name: Richard & Malcolm Consulting Limited

Bank Name: Zenith Bank

After payment, send a screenshot of the proof of payment to Victory on 08037905826 Via WhatsApp.

This training will take place in Zoom. Therefore, you can attend from anywhere in the world.

Bonus: Participants will get a free copy of my employee development book Becoming the Most Valuable Employee. There will also be a community to support you whenever you have an interview.